Surviv io 2

About Surviv io 2

Game Overview Survivio 2 is a game where you must eliminate your opponents until only one man remains. The map size decreases gradually throughout the match in order to make it more difficult for players to fight. Each match lasts until either the player dies or the last man standing. A game where the player survives until the end takes less than seven minutes.

Surviv 2 has many gun types. Each gun can only be used with ammo that is the same color as it. Shotguns, for example, can only use ammo of the same color as their ammunition. There are four main colors for guns: yellow, green, blue and red. It is important to be able to distinguish between these types of guns.

Assault rifles that fire yellow bullets generally do not cause significant damage and can hold a large magazine. Green bullets are more damaging than yellow bullets, but they have a smaller magazine. Blue ammo is more damaging than green bullets. They also have the same magazine, but they shoot slower. Red ammo is what causes the most damage. Shotguns, however, are not automatic and have smaller magazines.

Surviv 2 allows only two guns per player at a time. A loadout that works best is to have an assault rifle and a shotgun in each slot. For close-range fights, the shotgun is better than an assault rifle. The magazines for assault rifles can hold between 20 and 100 bullets. Normal assault rifles will have a mag of 30.

The player must be able to fight and win. A good knowledge and supply of medicines is crucial to your success. The medpack is undoubtedly one of the most valuable medical items. The medpack can restore the player's health to 100%. The medpack is shaped like a square, with a plus sign at the center. Bandages can be found in the shadow of the medpack. Bandages can be used to heal 15% of the player's health, but not up to 75%.

Next comes medicine, which gives energy to the player. The bar above the white health bars is the measure of energy. Drinking a soda will gradually improve the player's health and allow them to move faster. One soda will fill 25% of the energy bar. The player's health is affected by how full the energy bar is. Also, the player will lose more health per second. Pills are the last resort. Pills are the last medicine. After a while, energy will gradually decrease to zero. Keep drinking and taking pills to maintain your energy levels. It is important to get cover when healing from a fight. To heal safely, find a safe place like behind a tree or in a corner.

Finally, we will include some tips, tricks, and strategies for combat.

Keep moving. The harder it is for a player to hit, the more he moves.
Long range combat requires you to pull out an assault rifle and place the cursor on your enemy. Hold down the left click button. To keep the cursor on the enemy's head, move it.
Scopes allow the player to see more of the map. Scopes are numbers that appear on the ground in numbers ranging between 2x and 15x. 4x is a good scope. Ideal is 8x.
Pressing R to reload a gun should be followed by cover so that the player does not get shot. You can hide behind trees, buildings, or rocks.
When using medicine, it is important that the player cover as the medicine can slow down the player's movement.
Switch to the fists if the player is in a bush to heal. The gun should not be protruding. The gun sticking out of the bush will signal enemies that the player is nearby.
Be prepared to face a tough opponent when there is only one enemy. In every fight, the final enemy is victorious just like the player.
To quickly switch between weapons, roll the cursor wheel of the mouse up or down.
Stop shooting if the shots aren't landing. Adjust your aim. It can make a difference between having 10 bullets in the chamber and having to reload a magazine that is empty.
Be patient. Remember that practice is key to mastery, and that winning a game takes time.

Game Controls
Movement: [W], [A], [S], [D]
Aim: [Mouse]
Melee/shoot: [Left-click]
Change weapons: [1][2][3][4] or scroll wheel
Stow weapons(Melee mode): [3] or [E]
Swap to previous weapon: [Q]
Switch gun slots: [T]
Reload: [R]
Scope zoom: [Left-Click]
Pickup/loot/revive: [F]
Use medical item: [Left-click] on item or [7] through [0]
Drop item: [Right-click] on item
Cancel action: [X]
View map: [M] or [G]
Toggle minimap: [V]
Use team ping wheel: Hold [C], then hold [right-click] and drag mouse, then release [right-click]

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